8 Foods for Healthier Skin

It seems obvious that taking care of your skin is of paramount importance. Indeed, it is the largest barrier for diseases and infections in your possession, as it acts as your primary defense against the environment. For this reason, keeping it strong and healthy is critical.

As nutritionists and scientists alike dig to find the ideal diet that can immediately improve the condition of your skin, we at The Glow Paradise have gathered a comprehensive list of foods that will help you skip the Instagram filters, and turn your skin’s health on its head for the bettering of your complexion and overall appearance.


Here are 8 skin-friendly foods that you should be adding to your grocery list like, yesterday:

  1. Carotenoid-rich ingredients:

Also known as carrots, apricots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and red or yellow bell peppers. Basically any fruits or veggies with red, orange or yellow compounds!

Carotenoids are a large category of different pigments ranging from red to yellow to orange to green found in plants. Besides improving the look of your salads by adding some color to them, and being just generally pretty, these compounds boast incredible health benefits such as:

  • Beta-carotene acts as a natural sunblock and helps protect the skin against UV damage, and as we all know the number 1 enemy of healthy skin cells is sun exposure.
  • Some versions of carotenoids convert into vitamin A inside the body, which helps in boosting your immune system and reducing your skin’s oil production.
  • Carotenoids also diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines on your face.
  1. Kale, spinach and other big leafy greens:

We know, we know. Every single healthy food article you can find online is oversaturated with the broad benefits of adding greens to your diet. But hear us out, okay?

Not only are dark leafy greens all-around nutritional powerhouses. They also happen to be overflowing with vitamin A! As mentioned before, vitamin A is an antioxidant that promotes a good immune system and healthy skin cell turnover. But did you also know that vitamin A is the main component in Retin-A? The latter is a medication used often to treat acne-prone skin.

We’re gonna go ahead and call that a win-win.

  1. Nuts and seeds:

These two contain a well-balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are fats that your body cannot make on its own. This helps boost collagen production in your skin. Collagen is a protein that promotes skin elasticity and bounce, putting a stop to sagging and ultimately leaving you with longer-lasting youthful skin.

Nuts and seeds also carry a large amount of vitamin E, which prevents collagen destruction and provides your skin with the support it needs to fight against cell damage and aging.

Not to mention, zinc! When you cut yourself, good old zinc goes to work. Armed with its benefits, your skin will grow a solid barrier against inflammations and potential infections, as well as heal faster when wounded.

  1. Fatty fish:

Salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring among others are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. As mentioned before, this nutrient is huge for the production of new skin cells and is an essential component for building blocks to overall healthier skin. Not only does it target one part of your body, but rather works its magic from head to toe. In fact, some of the same properties that improve your skin in omega-3 can also prevent heart disease and risk of Alzheimer’s on the long run. Now who wouldn’t like that!

Omega-3s are also a crucial part of your skin’s fat content and helps protect its barrier, which when working properly, keeps moisture in, and irritants out.

  1. Dark chocolate:

That’s right, indulgers! You may go ahead and step away from your typical one note superfoods and get yourself some 70% dark chocolate as a reward treat for doing so good. Only for a little while though.

As it turns out, dark chocolate is great for skin firming. It makes it thicker, more hydrated, reduces its texture and roughness, and promotes a better blood flow.

If you needed one more reason to eat chocolate (we’re pretty sure you didn’t), there you have it!

You just need to make sure it’s at least 70% cocoa, because nothing is worse for your skin than added sugar. Milk and white chocolate are sadly off the table. 

  1. Avocados:

 You didn’t think that avocado is such a popular ingredient with facemasks for no good reason, did you?

 This versatile fruit is full of healthy fats, and getting enough of those is essential to help keep your skin flexible and hydrated.

 Avocados are also full of vitamin C and E. The latter works most effectively when combined with the prior. Vitamin E, a nutrient that we don’t get enough of in our diet, helps immensely in protecting your skin from oxidation damage.

 Seriously, is there anything this ingredient can’t do?

  1. Green tea:

 Normally, skin breakouts occur when you’ve consumed a large amount of either alcohol, coffee or unhealthy foods.

 This time for smoother skin, try swapping your cup of coffee for some green tea. It is packed full of antioxidants, which will automatically lower the amount of oil your body produces and help treat skin irritation.

 Also, the vitamin K in green tea helps reduce dark under-eye circles. Just place your used green tea bags in the fridge till they’re completely cold and place them on your eyes for a quick 15-minute treatment.

  1. Water:

Last but not least, the one ingredient that no living being can live without: H2O.

It seems pretty obvious how important it is to stay hydrated, not just for the benefit of your skin but also for your overall health. So we’re gonna keep it short and sweet.

 Set a realistic goal for yourself daily. This simple act can be motivating and make your more likely to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Keeping record of your progress can also hold you accountable, and will make you achieve your goal: staying hydrated as a habit.

Here’s the bottom line: watching what you eat can significantly improve your skin’s health. The foods on this list are our picks for keeping your skin strong, more radiant and glowy. But don’t forget that there’s more to great skin than what you eat. A full night’s sleep and physical activity along with a balanced diet are the holy trinity of exceptional physical health.