Glow Community


The Glow Paradise empowers people to take control of their own bodies. From maturing a healthy gut to a beautiful physique, our services provided are multi-dimensional. Not only that, but we also provide the inspiration and information needed for people to make healthy eating a way of life. We believe that for this to be achieved, it should be accessible, sustainable, exciting, and above all delicious.

In that spirit, our meals and beverages start with healthy ingredients: mainly nutrient-rich, organic and locally sourced, unprocessed, and seasonal wholesome foods. The outcome? A multitude of gorgeous good-for-you dishes that will render you supremely happy.




It is understood that food is an important element of your wellbeing. When Glow first started, the ultimate goal in mind was to bring grounding nutrition and balance to stressed-out humans all over the country. Today, it has developed into a “food as medicine” ethos. It’s not about restriction; it’s about feeding your body the right foods that you love and that bring you joy. Joy is nutritive, joy is healing, joy is nourishment. Considering that we’ve seen so many food trends come and go, the key change that we try to broaden is far from a fad. It’s based on a shift in healthy living and healthy eating to a wider community.

After a while we learned that he journey to health and happiness is equal parts heart work and head work, and that we have been lacking in our very own heart work. Because first and foremost, our relationships with our bodies are complicated to say the least... Unrealistic expectations that are being fed to us through social media turn us against ourselves and disable us from being kind to ourselves.

The main takeaway here is that we were given our bodies to house our spirits, passions and wisdom. How your body looks is the least interesting thing about it. Look at what it can do! It can save lives, create humans from scratch, cook delicious food, give amazing hugs, make art and music, dance all night long. The most effective way to loving yourself and your body is to give it gratitude for all the things it does for you by intuitively listening to its needs. Looking “good” or whatever is at the very bottom of that list. The Glow Paradise’s two cents on the matter is: “healthy” is not a label to put on a body without context. It IS the context. Because if all men, women and genders ate, drank and exercised the same amount, we would still have different body types.


The Glow Paradise’s story begins on a warm afternoon in May 2018. At the time, it was no bigger than your average friendly neighborhood juice brand! Except it was never really average. Our founder Hrag had a vision. He had always been fervently adamant on building a healthier community that practices better lifestyle choices when it came to food consumption. And so, armed with a background in nutrition and years of professional experience, Glow was born.

After the smashing success of our first stand at AUB Outdoors, we opened up stands and selling points at ABC Dbayeh and Beirut Souks, all in 6 months time. We had built a solid customer base whose demands had now moved onto food, and soon enough our first restaurant opened on August 1st 2019.

Having gone from a little team of 3 people, to a family of over 100 today, we feel triumphant as ever. Our mission has always been to provide our community with nutrient-rich foods, and a helping hand on their way to becoming more health-conscious. We truly believe that health is more than the absence of illness. It is a well-rounded life, a place of absolute beauty, delight and happiness.