How to Turn Your Body's Power Saver Mode On

Let’s talk about the F word: fatigue. Unless you’re a self-proclaimed morning person, getting out of bed to take on the day isn’t easy, and neither is successfully maintaining energy throughout the day. The truth is that energy is a resource more precious than gold these days. The simple reason behind it being that strong energy levels are deeply connected with feeling fulfilled, focused and clearly set on your goals. They can also effectively ward off feelings of stress and anxiety.


Here is what you can do throughout your day to maintain vitality. These are a series of habits and practices that are better alternatives and more efficient than reaching for that second (or third… or fourth) cup of coffee.


  1. Start the day with a filling breakfast:


First things first: make sure to reach for a tall glass of water when you wake up. As for what you should put on your plate, our advice is to focus on fiber rich foods and complex carbohydrates that will slowly release energy into your system as you go through your day without the risk of eventually crashing.


2) A little meditation never hurt nobody:


Centering yourself with the help of a daily meditation ritual can offer a multitude of benefits. It might only be 5 or 10 minutes, but it will help you get in tune with your breath and your body. This is help you become less reactive to external factor throughout the day.


3) Eat your way to better energy:


Soups, fresh herbs, whole grains, root vegetables, seeds and nuts. 

We would recommend starting off with a larger than life salad that includes both raw and cooked vegetables, and top with with a heavier plant or animal protein like lentils, cooked quinoa, organic chicken, or fatty fish.


4) Take deliberate breaks:


A mistake we often find ourselves making is getting to an excruciating point where our bodies shut down from lack of resting, hence forcing us to finally take a break and recover. Think about how exhausted you feel after dealing with some drama that plays out in your family or in a friendship, after getting in an argument with a co-worker, or making your way through a never-ending to-do list! Just 5 minutes if moving in a way that feels good are enough. Bonus points if you’re able to go outside and breathe in some fresh air!


5) Exercise right, and sleep even better:


Simply put, the body doesn’t function without sleep. So your first step toward upping your energy levels should be taking stock of how much you’re hitting the hay and the quality of sleep you're getting. However, the endorphin release from physical activity helps you feel a little bit more awake right away. In fact, studies show that a HIIT workout can be as effective as a cup of coffee. This is something to keep in mind if you find your energy waning in the afternoon and aren’t trying to consume caffeine, especially if a power nap isn’t possible.