Metabolism 101

If you have been following The Glow Paradise for a little while, or reading Glow Mag every now and then, then you know very well that wellness is dependent on digestion. You are what you eat has never been more accurate. This belief and practice dates back to the ancient healing philosophy of Ayurveda, which says that your “digestive fire” and your ability to break down nutrients along with everything you take in daily, is kept burning by none other than your metabolism.


Now that winter season is upon us, we are no longer in a time of energetic shedding and are once again at risk of metabolism slowdown. So here is everything you need to know about your metabolism as it’s slowing down, including how to take it from storage mode to burn mode!


Your metabolism in and of itself is the borderline miraculous process by which your body converts food into energy. You may have heard that the speed of your metabolism is genetically predisposed, and we’re certain you’ve also met that one person whose weight somehow never fluctuates and physically appearance is perpetually slim, likely brandishing a pint of beer and a plate of fries. However in this day and age, research suggests that the rate at which your body metabolizes nutrition doesn’t have to be fated and that deliberate positive lifestyle choices can switch off some genes and turn others on, therefore keeping your digestive fire burning bright.


Some signs that your digestive fire is on the dimmer side are:


  • Feeling constantly sluggish despite getting enough sleep in the night.
  • Gaining weight even when maintaining the same eating habits.
  • Unusual bloat and puffiness.
  • Feeling down in the dumps but you’re not sure why.
  • You can’t seem to focus and it’s making you anxious.
  • Unusually frequent sugar and carb cravings.
  • Your hair and skin are looking particularly dull.


Not to fret! There are simple ways to ameliorate that, and it starts by switching up your routine. The whole idea is to bring mindfulness and new consciousness to your daily habits, and from then on reap away the health benefits.


  • Try waking up at approximately the same hour every day of the week. We know sleeping in on the weekends sounds like something that’s impossible to turn down, but a consistent sleep schedule and have a proper morning and nighttime routine can drastically change your body’s efficiency and keep you balanced. For example, as you wake up, try to stay off your phone for at least the first 30 minutes and take in the morning gently and allow that fresh start feeling wash over you.
  • Don’t skip breakfast! We mean it. No matter how busy you are, and how much you want to keep any weight gain at bay, don’t be tempted to rely on coffee alone. If your goal is to improve your metabolism to reach a certain number on a scale, skipping a meal will actually do the opposite and slow it down. Yes, that’s right. Calorie restriction WILL slow it down. Why not choose a breakfast that’s light on the gut, easy and quick to whip up but still packs a nutrient punch? A frozen fruit smoothie with a handful of greens and a scoop of protein powder blended with plant-based milk will just nicely. The fruit will help the bloat, the greens will balance your gut bacteria and the protein will regulate your cravings just enough to last you to lunchtime.
  • Focus on eating varied foods in order to consume the entire spectrum of nutrients your metabolism needs. Play with colorful produce, don’t be afraid of carbs, and remember: healthy fats are a lifesaver. Try to get a workout in before the day ends, make it a priority to move in order to reap the myriad of benefits exercising can offer. Of course, it goes without saying that you should find the kind of exercise that brings you joy. Nobody likes working out when it’s punishment.
  • As your day wraps up, try to resist the endless after hours scroll through Instagram or Tiktok, as it will interfere with the release of melatonin in your brain, which will fail to make you sleepy. Replace that with a nice warm bath with essential oils or reading a book. These self-loving practices will help wind down and quiet your mind.



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