Why You Can Never Have Enough Citrus

It’s citrus season!


It’s almost like Mother Nature is trying to make up for the all the gloom she is bestowing upon us with as much brightness and zest as possible on our crops.


In Greek mythology, Gaia who is the ancient goddess of the Earth gave as a wedding present to Hera and Zeus a tree that sprung golden apples. It is believed the “golden apples” refer to oranges, which were unknown to Europeans in the Middle Ages. These “apples” promised immortality, and anyone who ate them would never experience hunger, thirst, suffering or illness ever again.


When winter is here, citrus is at its juiciest, sweetest and most nutritious, as it dons its most striking tint. Its strong antioxidant inset, the Vitamin C it possesses, and the rest of its nutrients make it a powerful component and weapon in anyone’s diet.


Let’s examine the benefits of citrus fruits, and why you can never have enough of them:


  • Jam-packed with antioxidants:


We have gone over the importance of antioxidants here on Glow Mag several times before, and how vital they are to aging and the renewing of cells in our bodies. The secret to longevity and an all-round glow basically lies in these tiny molecules. These molecules protect other molecules from oxidation, which is a natural process that occurs when a substance comes in contact with oxygen and goes bad due to free radicals. Antioxidants can control how fast we age by fighting free radicals, which steal electrons from the proteins in your body, while antioxidants donate them. The number one source of antioxidants out there is plants, and in this case citrus!


  • Vitamin C, vitamin C and more vitamin C:


Dubbed the ally of the immune system, vitamin C has been established as a shield against viruses and colds. No matter what citrus fruit we look at we’re sure to find an impressive amount of it. It is also known to help in the absorption of iron especially from plant-based foods, so if you’ve got a spinach salad going on be sure to add some orange slices to it! Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant too, as it is needed in the formation of connective tissue and collagen for smooth, youthful and healthy skin.


  • Nourish your brain:


The only thing in your brain that isn’t made up of food is the oxygen that flows through it, which is why we look to our plates to enhance brain function, alleviate anxiety and elevate our mood. As it turns out, many neurodegenerative diseases like dementia are related to, you guessed it: oxidative stress, which is why citrus fruits of all shapes and sizes have been revealed to be a new and powerful weapon against dementia. They could even lower the risk of getting it by 23%!