Yoga & Superfoods: A Match Made in Paradise

We can totally sit here and go on and on about how essential and beneficial it is to combine a consistent yoga practice with a healthy diet. Except if you go online and type in those words you will be met with an abundance of articles discussing this exact matter.


So we’re not going to do that. Instead, we are ecstatic to announce that we have taken our lifelong partnership with Ohana Space Yoga to the next level, and have created a meal plan tailored to both clienteles, combining the unrivalled expertise of the Ohana instructors and team with our personalized transformative superfood regimens to bring you: the Glohana Meal Plan!


As a spiritual practice whose purpose is to cultivate inner peace and train the body and mind, yoga also comes with a whole flood of physical health benefits. It improves the energy and vitality of the body while increasing muscle strength and athletic performance. Therefore it is no surprise that a highly nutritional diet of varied superfoods will improve your yoga practice. Here are 3 important benefits of combining yoga and superfoods that will make it hard for you not to consider this meal plan for the most wholesome lifestyle possible:


  • The mind-gut connection


As we’ve explored before on Glow Mag, there is an all-powerful link between nutrition and mental health. When your gut isn’t nourished properly, your emotional and mental wellbeing automatically aren’t either. Empowering the microbiome in your gut by feeding it superfoods will have you reaping a multitude of benefits such as a thriving mind, a well-functioning body and a joyful spirit, not unlike the feeling you get after a long and sweaty Vinyasa practice. It’s easy to imagine the fireworks that would go off if you combine both!


  • The meaningful rituals


Unchain your power through routine and consistency. The right rituals for you could give birth to an energetic shift rippling through your body, your relationships and your soul. Those meaningful practices around movement and nourishment will turn your day-to-day life over on its head. Movement is essential to unlocking the electrifying being within you, and nutrition will unlock a visibly radiant glow and seamless digestion.


  • The ultimate balance


Asanas in yoga are not only known for physical welfare and visually proven benefits like strength, muscle definition and flexibility. They are indeed multifold. One of the biggest benefits of yoga cultivated as a habitual practice cannot be seen through the naked eye, and that is improved digestion and increased metabolism. Paired with the most nutritious food regimen out there, the well-being and satisfaction factors are now off the charts.


Ask us today about the Glohana Meal Plan, or head to Ohana Space Yoga and we’ll see you on the mats!